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Avoid the cost, expense and risk of accepting credit cards and Western Union. Let NETELLER use its unique Cash Transfer System to manage your online cash transactions. Save time, money and administrative hassles with our instant cash transfers to and from your business.

An online system for you to view and resolve live transactions.
Free NETELLER Accounts for all your clients.
Acceptance of a large range of payment methods.
A secure and reliable online environment for your clients to transfer funds to and from your business.

If you think that NETELLER might be a viable online payment solution for your business please get in touch with us so that we can provide you with additional information.

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NETELLER uses a number of security methods to ensure that your transactions, money and information are protected. Keeping your information secure is the primary focus of our business and is our highest priority.

Secure Servers and Encryption Technology
The servers that contain your information are kept securely behind firewalls with no direct connection to the Internet and are verified as secure servers by Thawte Consulting, which is a VeriSign company. VeriSign website digital certificate services are used by all of the Fortune 500 companies with a web presence.

All transactions are automatically encrypted from your browser to our website using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol. SSL is used extensively all over the Internet. We use 128-bit encryption keys which are the highest browser encryptions presently available worldwide.

Account Security
NETELLER assigns a random 12-digit Account ID to each user that gives them access to their account. This makes it much harder for someone to gain access to your account then by simply using your email address for account access. We also use a secondary Secure ID with your password to make your account that much harder to compromise by a would-be criminal.

Anti-Money Laundering Policy
NETELLER is committed to the prevention of money laundering. Money laundering and terrorist financing are international problems and many countries have joined together in establishing a financial intelligence unit to combat them. NETELLER is required to report any suspicious activities that could facilitate money laundering or the funding of terrorist or criminal activities. NETELLER will comply with all regulations requiring the reporting of suspicious transactions, terrorist property, large cash transactions and large transactions involving the cross-border movement of currency and certain monetary instruments.

Verifying identification is essential in the fight against crime and terrorism. Criminals take money derived from drug trafficking, smuggling, and robbery and make it seem legitimate by using false identities. NETELLER has established special verification systems to confirm your identity. NETELLER also has various other methods of investigating and preventing any activity that could be related to money laundering. Any information about your identity is kept secure and confidential, and will help stop your identity from being used falsely. The purpose of NETELLER's verification process is two fold. One purpose is to comply with government and legal regulations and the other purpose is to protect its customers and prevent fraud.

Your co-operation is vital to the successful fight against crime and terrorism.

Any questions or issues regarding NETELLER's anti-money laundering or anti-terrorist financing policies can be addressed to NETELLER's Compliance Department.